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Q: Is my Siamese too skinny? She weighs only 3,3 kg.
A: She is probably not too skinny, though that depends on her type. Some Siamese lines give more robust, old-style Siamese, and some give more fragile, thinner and elongated cats. A healthy grown up male Siamese cat usually weighs between 4 and 6,5 kg (9-14 pounds); and female between 2,7 and 4,8 kg (6-10 pounds).

Eye color

Q: Are there Siamese with green eyes?
A: No.

Q: Do all Siamese have blue eyes?
A: Yes. All Siamese have blue eyes as a result of Himalayan gene. That gene is also responsible for Siamese points. Himalayan gene ->points + blue eyes

Fur color

Q: Can Siamese cats be all white?
A: Yes. They are called white Siamese or Foreign White. They are ‘ordinary’ Siamese, with all the genetical make up and personality of a Siamese, plus a dominant gene for white color coat.

Q: Do all Siamese have points?
A: Genetically – yes. But the phenotype (basically – the looks) may differ, depending on which other genes for fur color or pattern the Siamese also carries. (For example, the points are not visible on white Siamese, although they carry the gene for it (W, dominant white gene ‘hides’ the points). Also, the points look pretty different on lynx than on a fully masked Siamese, thanks to the tabby gene.)

Q: Are all cats with points – Siamese?
A: No. Siamese do not hold monopoly on the Himalayan gene that is responsible for the point pattern. Birman, Ragdoll etc also have it. Also, many mixed breed cats carry the same gene.

Other questions

Q: Are cats with white fur and blue eyes deaf?
A: Not necessarily. The majority of them are not deaf. That can be achieved with selective breeding. Foreign White/white Siamese are not deaf more than other non-white cats are.

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