Siamese are highly intelligent, social, curious, playful and completely devoted to their humans.

Siamese are as close to a dog as a cat can be. Many of them love to fetch, ride on your shoulders and if you sit down, they will be in your lap within two nano seconds.

Siamese are cats with an attitude. Cats in general have loads of attitude, and Siamese have it much more than an average cat.

A Siamese cat should never be alone, so you should get at least one more cat as a companion to your Siamese, preferably of similar temper (another Siamese, Balinese or Oriental). Siamese do not lose interest in their humans if they have another cat’s company, they are just more balanced and instead of one, you will have two or more furry friends giving you a helping paw with everything you do.

Siamese love work, it fascinates them. They can sit and watch you all day long while you are working. Sometimes they may help you if they see that you are doing something wrong.

Do Siamese talk more than other cats? Yes, in general they do. They do not sound like other cats; their voice resembles a soft cry of a human baby. They can produce greater variety of sounds than other cat races and they are not afraid of expressing their opinions.

During the day your Siamese will be close to you and at nights they will probably sleep close to you as well. Siamese are pack animals, like lions, and they tend to gather on a Siamese ‘pile’. Humans are of course part of those piles and important members of the pack.

Other cats may sulk and get depressed if you do not have enough time for them, but Siamese will say clearly directly in your face all they think about your behaviour and demand love and attention.

Not all the Siamese are the same, there is always a difference between individuals. Some Siamese talk more than others; some fetch, some don’t; some get attached only to one person, some to the whole family. What is common to them all is that they are inteligent, curious, social, human-loving and attention-seeking cats.

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