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We interact with our cats a lot, they take part in almost all of our everyday activities. We spend a lot of time and socialize with our kittens, too, while they live in our house, during their first 14-16 weeks.

C-litter, three weeks old, June 2012

We love our cats and their offspring and wish to find good homes and loving owners for the small ones. We do not sell any kittens just by mail, but it is a good way for the first contact. We want to meet the potential buyers. If you do not live in Sweden, please contact us via mail (or via the contact form bellow) for further information.

La Voix Archimedes, lilac point Siamese, five weeks old, June 2010

Our kittens are delivered:

  • At least 14 -16 weeks old
  • With a pedigree, registered i SVERAK (FIFe)
  • Vaccinated twice
  • Wormed
  • Id-marked with a chip
  • Had a health checkup within a week before they move to their new owner
  • Insured against hidden defects for 3 years (not to be confused with the health and life insurance, you should insure your new kitten yourself, as soon as it moves in with you!)
  • Given a lot of love, care and contact during their first 3 months of life
  • Fed with high quality food
  • We will always be available to advise you and help you with our support and knowledge. Our love and care for kittens we breed started even before they were born, and will never cease to last.

La Voix Ada, blue point Siamese, five weeks old, June 2010

Please remember that even when you do everything right, bad things may happen. The most you can do to minimize the risks, is to take a good care of your cats; feed them well, keep their environment clean and give them a lot of love. Especially Siamese and cousin breeds need a lot of human contact. We do not sell kittens to homes where they will be the only cat. Also, you must keep your cats insured. The veterinary visits can be expensive, and if something happens to your cats, you will be able to provide them with the best possible medical care if you have them insured.

You may send us an email at 

 Jelena & Joakim Ohlrogge, La Voix cattery

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