Albert (IP SE*La Voix Albert, SIA w67)

AlbertIP SE*La Voix Albert, born May 23, 2010
Jossan’s son Albert from her first litter of seven beautiful kittens. He was the only Foreign White kitten.

Jossan and Albert, 4 weeks

A-litter, 4 weeks

He was born last and, a few weeks after that, he was the first one that “killed the toy” with a lot of sound effects. Until he was three weeks old we believed he was a girl and called him Miss Piggy, since he was mostly pink in color; his fur was short. Then he became Mr Piggy, but now we call him Bebis or just Albert.

Albert, 6 weeks

At one point, as a rare all-white Siamese, Albert went through identity crises that he tried to solve by repeatedly attempting to enter the chimney.

Albert, “bi-color”

We just could not part from him, and instead we bought a house so that we could have enough space for us and 5 cats. The cats love the house and we have to work long days so that they can keep it. 😉

All the big cats love Albert and boss him around (or so they keep trying). He has a wonderful temper, loves to fetch his favorite toy (a big white rat) and is usually very happy and content. Still, he is a Siamese, so occasionally he is pretty opinionated and tells us all about his thoughts and demands.

Albert, 20 months

A portrait of Albert, drawn by Anna.

A drawing of Albert, made by Anna

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