Miii (S*Me-Na-Yak Charlie's Number One Angel, blue point Siamese)

MiiiS*Me-Na-Yak Charlie’s Number One Angel came to live with us in spring 2009. She is Jossan’s sister from the same litter, but she lived mostly with her mom and half-brother the first year of her life. She actually found a new home when she was a kitten, but did not like it there, since she was the only cat. She was depressed and spent the most of her time there hiding under the bed.

Siamese can rarely be happy as single cats, they need both human and cat company, and I would recommend another Oriental or Siamese cat as a companion. Those cats are pack animals, they are not loners as ‘other’ cats. They behave more as lions than common domestic cats.

Miii came to us since we planned to have kittens from Jossan and the part of the plan for socializing her without too much of a trauma was to have her bond with kittens and then find a home for her and one kitten together. Jossan did not get kittens for a year after it was planned, and we fell in love with Miii, so she stayed.

In tall grass

Miii outside

Our cat group is a harmonious one. When Miii came, Leroy finally got a wrestling partner, and Jossan and Maven got some relief there, they never enjoyed his daily urges to wrestle. Miii is very intelligent, perhaps she is the smartest of our cats, and she is a perfect Siamese. She is very loving, she purrs, she talks, she does all kind of tricks to have you stay next to her and play with her or pet her and she is very playful. She likes it here and, now, with several cat friends, she is a very happy cat.

Taking a nap

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