Claire (CH SE*La Voix Claire), Foreign White, 11 months old, April 2013

Claire,Β CH SE*La Voix Claire, born May 17, 2012 Claire is a little clown in our cat group. She is Albert’s little sister from our C-litter that we kept. She has a nice personality, is a lot like her grandfather Leroy, easy going and cool. She is not a one person’s cat, like Jossan or Albert. She plays gladly with everyone when she gets to know them and can be loud if she estimates that may bring her candy. She is crazy about cat candy, especially Dreamies.

Claire, 15 months old, August 2013

We hope to have kittens after Claire; she is pretty and a correct Siamese, and she hopefully will be as good mom like Jossan. But she is mostly our youngest family member, that is what she is. She was exhibited since she was 6 months old and became a Champion in May 2013.

Claire helping with Christmas decorations, December 2012, 7 months old

Claire, 10 weeks old

Claire, 8 weeks

Claire, always a clown, funny little face:

“What. You said – what!?”

Claire, 6 weeks old, July 2012

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